Remembering was a website I created to house the material created from the workshops I ran under the same name. The central hub of the website was the timeline below:


The workshop worked in a cross curricular way incorporating elements of History, Art, Literacy and of course ICT. We got students to inquire about a particular character in history and gather facts (such as the clothes they wore, the type of dwelling they lived in, what they ate etc) They then fact checked each other in a peer review system. These facts then became the basis of their narrative and helped them to structure their animation. They also learned how history is edited by choosing themselves which facts to include and which to exclude. Only after all of this work was complete did we embark upon the process of creating art work and making it come alive through the magic of animation!

I have moved on with my life from that time but the work remains and this post has been written to act as a replacement to the website that once hosted all of it.